Ion Wave Formulas

Ion Wave's Water Imprinting Process

Is a revolutionary new technology for making unique formulations from super nutritionals. Our imprinted water formulas allow for superior uptake of nutritional signatures which bypass poor digestion, and other barriers, which typically inhibit nutrient availability to body systems.

Unique Process, Unique Formulas

Like no other. No other process exists that can extract the vibrational signatures of superfoods, vitamins and minerals, and imprint them into water, in a way that is stable under extreme environmental conditions.

Unlike other vibrational products, our formulas are extremely stable and are unaffected by airport x-ray machines, freezing and heat. Exposure to light has shown no deminishing effects either.

Homeopathy has proven that the vibratory signature of something can have theraputic effects on the body. Could it be that there are some substances that only need to be present, but not absorbed, to have a benefitial effect on health? Perhaps we are partaking of the vibration of some of our nutritional intake and not of the substance itself.

This is a graphic example, but, consider your dietary intake of solids and liquids. Then the outflow after digestive processing and moisture loss through respiration and sweat, pound for pound, is there really much of a difference?

We postulate that much of what is being taken up is the vibratory signatures, more so than the substance itself. The efficacy of our products proves this out. When it comes to building blocks for the body, like proteins, carbohyrates and good fats, we need the whole food, any yet actually absorb very little of it. The fact is, most people in the developed world eat too much. What is needed is higher quality nutrient dense foods.

While our products are not a replacement for food stuffs that go under the building blocks catagory they certainly can help the body in the higher vibrational area served by vitamins, minerals and herbs.

Imprinting of water is not unique by any means. All water, regardless of where it is, is holding memory of where it has been. The Ion Wave process difference is we clear water of its memory and then imprint it with our various formulations.

Our formulas are for experimental purposes only, our intention is not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Would you like to conduct some fun and potentially rewarding experiments?


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