Ion Wave Formulas

Ion Wave Formulas - Unique Process - Unique Formulations

Well-Being Ormus Formula

Unique blend of ormus and super nutritionals, designed to slow the aging process. More...


Remember the sexual energy you had in your 20's? Would you like to have that now? More...

Liver Detox

Liver Detox is a gentle and effective formula that helps the liver detoxify itself. More...

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Ion Wave Formulas

A revolutionary new technology for making unique formulations from super nutritionals. Our imprinted water formulas allow for superior uptake of nutritional signatures which bypass poor digestion, and other barriers, which typically inhibit nutrient availability to body systems.

Like no other. No other process exists that can extract the vibrational signatures of superfoods, vitamins and minerals, and imprint them into water, in a way that is stable under extreme environmental conditions.


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